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We are Life Planning Consultancy with decades of experience and expertise in our Profession.


  • To guide our clients and associates towards Financial Freedom
  • To fullfill our clients' and associates' goals and dreams
  • To constantly grow our clientele which continuously adds value to
    PLP Consultancy Sdn Bhd vice-versa.
  • To cultivate a “People-Love-People” culture

(CEO & Co-Founder)

Welcome to PLP Consultancy Sdn Bhd

First of all, thank you for spending your precious “LIFE TIME” to discover us.  

PLP Consultancy was established in 2007 which provides planning and strategies to help our clients to achieve their LIFE GOALS. Over the years, PLP has improved the quality of life of our clients and associates. Furthermore, these successes enabled us to constantly introduce new and innovative strategies and planning to our valuable clients. Our Professionally Trained Associates will continue to strive in our effort to serve and grow the company. 

"Work Hard and Play Hard" is our Motto and you are welcome to join in the fun! Life is about enjoying and learning but never forget to share our achievements with our loved ones.


Financial Management is very important in "LIFE PLANNING". The ultimate goal of Financial Management is simple: to attain Happiness.

Happiness is built with the foundation of peace of mind, love and feeling good. With this understanding, PLP Consultancy Sdn Bhd is established to help our client to attain happiness through financial management. This is made possible through the collaborations with several renowned institutions. Having served people from all walks of life for more than 40 years, I would like to share my insight gained from my experience:

It is not about how much you can earn, but rather how much money you can save.

It is not about how much assets you have , but rather how wisely you can distribute it to your loved ones.

Money that you had never used or spent are money that never belong to you.

Our Services

Wealth Protection

Protect You From Unexpected Rainy Days

Wealth Creation

Let Your Money Work For You

Wealth Distribution

Protecting Your Legacy For Future Generation

Retirement Planning

A Small Seed Today, The Lush Forest of Tomorrow

Life Time Travel Planning

When a Dream Vacation is No Longer a Dream

Mortgage Planning

You Have a Dream Home, We Have The Solution

Employee Retention Program

Happy Employees, Productive Company

Education Planning

A Parent's Greatest Gift

Business Continuity Program

Your Story to Last For Generations

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